Radiology coding needs great precision so as to avoid errors while translation of documents into billable codes. The year 2019 has come up with quite a few changes into the CPT/HCPcS codes for radiology services.

Following is the review of the important changes to the radiology codes:

For the year 2019 coding has been made uncomplicated for a bunch of CPT/HCPCS codes, which will help billing easy and flawless.

Breast MRI with CAD:

Breast MRI codes have moved to Category I from Category III. Codes 77058, 77059 and 0159T deleted. Two CPT codes report breast MRI with and without contrast and other two bundle CAD with the procedure.

Fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsy:

There have been 9 new codes generated to bundle with radiological supervision and interpretation with the procedure. Code 10022 is deleted as it was reported with code 76945 for ultrasonic guidance procedures most of the time.

Genitourinary (GU) studies:

There have been 6 new codes added to verify which testicle or other specified body structure was examined.

MRI & Ultrasound Elastography (UE):

There are 3 new UE codes to specify organs and initial or subsequent target lesions. Moreover, CPT code 0346T for subcutaneous implantable defibrillator system.

Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS):

There are 2 upcoming codes for ultrasound procedures including dynamic microbubble-sonographic contrast with targeted ultrasound to evaluate lesions.

Knee Arthrography:

The CPT code 27370 for injection of contrast during procedure has been deleted and replaced by 27369 for injection of contrast for knee arthrography or contrast enhanced CT/MRI knee arthrography.

It is also noteworthy that there have been updates in Medicare policies for 2019 that covers both OPPS and MPFS. These changes under effect are flexible payment policies and can be reviewed with your respective Medicare personnel.

Along with the above, there have been updates to NCCI for radiology. This includes PET as well as CT scan code updates and changes. With this, also the parenthetical notes are added or revised throughout the CPT code set to accommodate these changes, such as the parenthetical notes under the vascular injection procedures are revised. As the code 76001 for vascular injection procedures is deleted, the parentheticals of several CPT codes is revised.